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What brand of condoms is most reliable against pregnancy?

Simple as that^

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    Each brand of condom is supposed to be equally as good/safe. I use durex all the time, mainly because they are widely known. I would always stay away from brands like lidl/aldi. There is probably nothing wrong with them, but I tend to think that because they are a cheaper version, then maybe they quality is not as good?

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    As recounted within the other answer durex has one however EXS also has one known as protext non-latex. EXS had been selling condoms to the NHS for over 17 years so are very secure. Check the link beneath to look some.

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    Trojans probally

  • John
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    well they all say ther are 99.99 percent. So it does not matter. the best way to not get pregnant is to either not have sex or just have an*l sex.

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  • 9 years ago

    abstinence condoms

  • 9 years ago

    the kind you will buy and actually use.

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