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How to tell if a really shy guy likes you?

We're talking really shy.

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    Oh god, being a shy guy I can relate, let's see:

    - He will stare at you, but if you catch him he will quickly look away.

    - He might blush or look in another direction if you look at him.

    - He smiles a lot when he talks to you.

    - He also might have a tough time making eye contact with you when he talks. He will probably smile and look away.

    If you like him back, try talking to him and getting him to open up to you. Most shy guys are amazing when they open up and are worth the effort. Try asking him to hang out casually, he might be a bit too nervous for a date yet. Good luck!!

  • 9 years ago

    I would suggest saying Hi to him for a few weeks and don't get your feeling hurt if he doesn't say Hi back either you just have to keep smiling and saying Hi... and after a few weeks of that you will see a change and then you can ask him how his day is going or something along those lines... everything good takes time... so have faith and good luck

  • Tomoki
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    9 years ago

    Move really close and gauge his reaction.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Ask him.

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