What happens after a pilot looses his plane?

So in the Air Force and such what happens if your airplane gets shot down or during a training exercise you needed to eject. Assuming you were safe and well, would you just get another airplane or would they be so pissed that you never get to touch another aircraft in your life. What happens if they were on a aircraft carrier? do they just stay on the deck and help out, until they dock?

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    9 years ago
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    A board conducts an investigation to determine why the plane went down. Pilots on a carrier are likely to be assigned other duties until the matter is settled.

    Nobody is going to be pissed if you have a mechanical malfunction that's not a result of improper actions on your part. They'll look at your performance if you're shot down, but most are back in the air soon if they're still found able to perform the job.

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    Usually we "loosen" the plane before we fly it, it's hard to do when it's chocked and tied down tight. If you meant "lose", you probably don't need to worry about it since you'll never be flying one anyway.

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