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DC UNIVERSE. what are the features that a character should have to be stronger?

which is the difference between server PVE and PVP? to create the strongest character, which is the best choice to take about personality, mentor, power, movement and weapons? if you know something about it, please give a piece of advice. thank you very much!

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    PvP = player versus player, PvE = player vs environment

    both have the same content, missions, etc; it's just weather other players can attack you in the open world. you can switch from pvp to pve or back almost at will with the "phase shifter" in the watchtower/hall of doom, so it's not a permanant choice.

    there's no "strongest" character -- just like there's no "strongest" in Rock Paper Scissors. the game is balanced enough that every build can kick serious butt, but also get its butt kicked.

    just pick whatever looks fun to play. :)

    [edit] that said, work on these stats to be "powerful":

    might -- increases damage from powers

    precision -- increases damage from weapons

    defense -- decreases damage from PvE (computer) enemies (PvE ignores toughness)

    toughness -- decreases damage from PvP (other players) only (PvP ignores defense)

    Source(s): endgame villain
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