I am going to a german exchange to monchengladbach but i don't know what to do or bring?

my first time traveling out of great britain so i need some advise

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  • Petra
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    9 years ago
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    What to do: Well just be nice to your host family, and just be yourself. No-one expects you to do anything special. ... Maybe you could read a little about what there's to do or see in Mönchengladbach, so that if they ask you what you'd like to do, you have an idea.

    What to bring: GB has some of the most amazing chocolates. Quality Street are good, but you can get those in Germany too. But there are are others, such as these orange flavored chocolate things. I've seen them as bars, and I've also seen something ball-shaped, which makes perfect sense as it's orange flavored ;-)

    I haven't ever seen those in Germany, but I'm pretty sure if your family likes chocolate, they'll like these.

    And there's also the mint flavored Aero chocolate which cannot be found here. And there's this Cadbury chocolate spread. Ok we have something similar called Nutella - but similar doesn't mean it's the same.

    Oh, and why not bring some tea as well?

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

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