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am i in risk of getting hiv or aids this way?

OK so i went to the nail salon to get my nails done. While the lady was doing them I noticed she pricked her finger and bled a little. She didn't notice it however. I'm just concerned because I had a little bloody hangnail which still is red and hurts but it wasn't bleeding, yet it wasn't fully healed. Is there a chance if her blood touched it, can I get the disease/virus? I'm not assuming she has it but it does concern me. Please don't leave rude comments I'm really scared.

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    Odds are you probably don't, sweety. However, to ease your mind go get tested. They'll probably have you come back again in 6 months. I wouldn't worry about it.

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    Okay this happened to me too about a year ago some older man maybe 40's pr 50's was buying a bunch of veggies and then pricked him self with an artichoke but wrapped it in a couple bags and i dont really remember if it poked me or not but im freaking out that it might have, but i was looking stuff up and it would have to go like directly into your blood stream and it would have to be more than just a speck of blood. I associated an artichoke with a hypodermic needle and people were trying to explain to me that a hypodermic needle go straight directly into your blood stream and pushes all the bacteria from that person to the other person and thats how people sharing needles get it. Plus i started thinking of all people what are the chances this person has hiv and the chances that i got poked by the exact same prick as they did. It really is a scary in the long run i suffer from a phobia and every time i walk by someone i close my eyes for fear they may spit blood in it, it's really not a fun thing to be scared by this, and even having people try to explain to you that the chances are so slim and want me to get tested just so i can get closure. I am way too scared to get tested.

    Source(s): Someone who is also scared, and is sharing your fear.
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