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What is the difference between animal and human communication?

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    We have language. We can describe things to each other, and can record it as information. While there are many species that show very promising signs of possibilities of language, ours is so much more advanced as to be staggering. Even dolphins and the like, while immensely intelligent, do not have language.

    Animals communicate, but every part of this is fundamentally different from language, which is something only humans possess. The underlying structure is different in basically every way possible. Even for the most complex animal communication, it comes nowhere close to what we do.

    For instance, we can talk about language. Metalinguistics. Thats only us. We can describe things that the other party has never before seen or imagined, successfully. Only us. And we can make words that have absolutely nothing to do with the sound of the word, again, only us.

    In short: The question isnt "What is the difference" it is "What are the similarities?" And the answer to that is...None.

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    Human language is much more symbolical and complex, due to our big brains and complex social life.

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    Animals cannot communicate with out bodily contact, ie seeing or hearing each and every other. Humans can keep up a correspondence throughout distances using technology. The fundamental change is that animals cannot relate an event where the opposite character was once now not gift. Even bees who can communicate to one another using 'dance' to show the place nectar will also be determined, can simplest understand where to seek out the nectar if they're reward on the explicatory dance. In the end, most effective humans have a 'idea of mind', and may keep up a correspondence with an proposal of what an additional man or woman might be feeling or considering.

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