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In 9-ball pool, a shooter pockets a numbered ball, but drops the nine-ball in?

In 9-ball pool, a shooter pockets a numbered ball, but drops the nine-ball in a random pocket. The nine ball is "immediately" respotted. Is this a foul, resulting in the next shooter, or does the current shooter continue.

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    No. In 9 ball pool, as long as you hit the lowest numbered ball on the table FIRST and the 9 ball just randomly happens drops in then that person wins the rack/frame.

    For example if 4 was the lowest numbered ball then as long as you make contact with that first then it doesn't matter what other ball drops in. If any other ball dropped in (apart from the nine ball) then you just carry on with your game, i.e. going for the 4 ball again. But obviously of the nine ball drops in then that person wins the rack/frame.

    I hope that helps :)

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    9 Ball is not a call shot game. Anytime the 9 drops on a legal shot, the game is over and the shooter wins.

    If you were going to make your own rule where you must call the 9, I would say that accidentally pocketing the 9 should not count as a made shot, and therefore the shooter's turn is over unless he pocketed another ball at the same time.

    FYI, this would not be a "foul" in any set of reasonable rules. A foul is when the shooter does not contact the lowest ball first and then contact a rail (or pocket a ball), or scratches, or jumps a ball off the table, etc. Simply missing is not a "foul." All real fouls result in ball-in-hand anywhere on the table in 9 Ball.

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    As long as you hit the lowest numbered ball Ex: 1 then either that or another ball hits the 9 ball and it falls in a pocket you win. Even if another ball goes in . The 9 only gets respotted if done by hand or shot in without touching to lowest ball on the table and then next player would shoot .

    Source(s): APA Pool League
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    I believe the current shooter wins the game, as he technically achieved a combo on the 9-ball (as long as the first ball to make contact with the cue ball is the lowest numbered ball on the table, if the cue ball does not make first contact with the lowest numbered ball the shooter fouled and the 9-ball is placed on the foot spot).

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    In 9 ball, as long as you hit the lowest number on the table first every thing counts.

    In fact making the 9 ball is a winner, game over to the shooter. We call it rolling the cheese.

    It is not like 8 ball in any way. 8 ball has a lot of ways to lose, 9 ball has a lot of ways to win.

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    Depends on what rules you are playing.

    If you are playing call the 9. Then the 9 is spotted and player keeps shooting in turn because he did make a legal shot. If he would have make just the 9 and nothing else then he loses his turn, 9 spotted and opponent take table in position. These rules are only for games where the 9 MUST be called.

    In most leagues tho the 9 is wild, so if you make the 9 on any legal shot you win.

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    Nope, if u hit the lowest ball first dosnt matter if the 9 drops. No foul, just wins the rack.

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    Very few, if any, tournaments or leagues require to call the 9 ball. When you have been to play a game with someone you have no idea, it would be correct to expect you do not call it until exact previously. That is also the principles utilized by the WPA, the sanctioning physique of just about every important legitimate pool match on this planet. In 8 ball, if enjoying on a bar table the one reasonable solution to play is to call an 8 on the ruin a win, imo. That is also the rule of thumb of close to each bar league available in the market. If you are enjoying on a table the place that you would be able to gets rid of the balls from the pockets, I advocate you use the arena Standardized ideas (as posted on the BCA and WPA internet sites) which state that the breaker has the choice of recognizing the eight and playing on or re-racking and breaking again. Have enjoyable.

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    sinking the 9-ball is an instant victory !!

    ....even it's accidentally....

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