Good online US universities for expats?

I'm from Atlanta, Georgia. I need your help.

I'll be moving over to Europe [eastern..] in August, right as the fall semester for universities are starting here (I'm currently enrolled in Kennesaw State University). I'd love to continue my education with an American university. The good news is; I'll only have 27 credits, so I am still in General Education/electives stage. I'm a planned English Major.

Do you know any good schools that could facilitate this? University of Phoenix perhaps? Give me any information you have!!

I have emailed my current school as well as a couple smaller colleges around my area; I'm just waiting on a response. Trying to get a step ahead while I wait.

I'll edit in any more information you may need about my current position in studies... Thanks!

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  • Leah
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    9 years ago
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    Kennesaw state should have online classes or go to a community college

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