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diabetic wanting to run away?

Hey Im not happy at home or anything looking for something more in life and was wondering how would a type 1 diabetic cope on the road e.g. minimal money/hitchhiking

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    How would you pay for your insulin..

    Many like you fall into the hands of Sexual predators.. Not a great situation..Hich hiking is dangerous in these days..

    If you do it , at least take a friend with you. Possibly during school break...

    One time I ran away. Came crawling back.. Said " Mom , I come home to die". She said "Like hell, you came home to eat".

    Take care

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    I have had a tough life and felt very similar before. This may not change your mind and I have no way to prevent you from doing this. I am 99.9% positive you know the risk you take of dying out there on the road alone. When I felt this way I had to take a few deep breaths and think it through. After a while I realized that it wouldn't help my problems, and it would only be running from them and making it worse. There's also a chance that the police would pick you up. I know this might not have changed your mind, so if you do decide to run away please make sure you have at least enough insulin and supplies to last a month. I'm not recommending this but there is nothing I can do to stop you. I hope you figure things out.

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  • John W
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    You're best bet is to leave officially, to have child welfare take you away. At the very least they would do so temporarily just to make sure you're safe while they investigate your parents and your parents could be in a lot of trouble because of it. Your next best would be to negotiate living with relatives such as your grandparents ( this might actually be the best if it's possible ).

    As to living on virtually nothing, that's very hard for a diabetic to do, in the States you have to pay for your own health insurance but they do have state sponsored medicare for the poor however you would need your ID and to qualify to receive those benefits. There are free clinics where a Doctor can see you often for just $5. You can be treated at a hospital but they would likely hold you to turn you over to child welfare. Type N ( NPH ) and type R ( Novolog ) insulins can usually be purchased without prescription for $30 a vial and syringes can be had at the centers to help drug addicts. Type N is enough for your basal shot ( type N twice a day, divide your Lantus into two shots at 12 hour intervals, make sure you roll the type N till it's a smooth milky white before use ). The type R is your regular meal time bolus shots. Both run about $25 to $30 a vial and syringes if you had to buy them are about $30 for 100 and you would need about 150 syringes a month. Then you need to keep the insulin cool, without a refrigerator your best bet are evaporative Frio pouches. You'll need more than one as long term use would harbor bacteria so you want to dry out the pouches between use. Of course, when you're on your own, you need to keep things safe, people will steal whatever you have so you need something to lock everything up in. The Frio pouches will need air circulation to keep cool so you can't just use a metal box like a toolbox, you're need something like pacsafe. You'll want to use a five or more tooth padlock whenever you're away from your belongings and a combination lock like Masterlock's speed dial where you can set the combination whenever you'd like, the keyed lock is because you don't want people trying different combinations while you're away and the combo lock is so you can sleep without the key being stolen. You'll need a chain or security cable to anchor your belongings to things that don't move.

    Running away is a lot harder than you think it is, even for a non-diabetic and can really screw up your life. You're going to be away from your family soon enough anyways, it's not worth screwing up your life to do so earlier. Try official and family means first, you can always run away later and if there really is a good reason to run away such as abuse, you should be turning to child welfare anyways.

    Whether or not you run away, you will be on your own some day so getting a pacsafe, the locks, the chains and the travel cases would be a good idea. You shouldn't run away, at least not yet but you should plan to be on your own because you will be some day.

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    What you eat is not actually the cause of diabetes, but how you live can be. If you sit on the couch all day, your chances of developing diabetes goes up greatly.

    Just do the best you can to not gain weight and to maintain an active life style and that will greatly help reduce some of your risks.

  • Gary B
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    about as good as an armadillo -- you will be found daed beside the road in a very short time.

    Without insulin, and without money to buy it, and without a PRESCRIPTION from a doctor, you will be unable to travel in about two weeks, and dead within a month.

    yeah, that's SOME adventurous lifestyle, alright! you wann see the world, but all you are going to get is the inside of a hospital.

    You want some REAL adventure? Get your diabetes under control! Once you have learned to take your blood sugar readings and make the proper injections, there is NOTHING you can;t do.

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    The best option would be getting some type of outside help to fix your existing situation. Running away would probably cost you your life unless you had the means of getting your insulin, glucose tests and syringes. Compared to running away, you would be better off moving out of your house, getting a job, and staying in one place. You can't get any income when you are moving around, and if you do a lot of hitch hiking and living on the street, people usually get robbed every now and then.

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  • Cammie
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    The big problem is access to medical care.

    If you had unlimited money you wouldn't have a problem.

    You need a place to get insulin and supplies and you should have decent food on a regular basis.

    You will have more in life.make it happen but plan carefully.Perhaps being on the road is not the best way to fulfill your dreams.

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