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Which is an experiment where neither subjects nor people running the

study know which subjects are in the control group and which are in the experimental group until after results are tallied. _____________________.

a. single-blind study

b. double-blind study

c. case

d. correlational

Volunteer bias is a problem that is most likely to occur with ~which one of the following descriptive research methods?

Choose one answer.

a. case study

b. survey

c. test

d. naturalistic observation

Which descriptive research method provides in-depth information ~about an individual being studied or treated?

Choose one answer.

a. case study

b. naturalistic observation

c. test

d. survey

Which of the following coefficients of correlation indicate the ~strongest relationship?

Choose one answer.

a. +.50

b. +.10

c. -.25

d. -.75

Which of the following relationships is a negative ~correlation?

Choose one answer.

a. height and weight

b. IQ scores and school grades

c. educational level and annual income

d. none of the above

Which of the following relies heavily on empirical evidence?

Choose one answer.

a. astrology

b. numerology

c. graphology

d. none of the above

Which of the following therapists is most likely to look for ~biochemical causes of mental disorders _____ .

Choose one answer.

a. a counseling psychologist

b. a psychiatrist

c. a clinical psychologist

d. a social worker

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