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A Question About Binge Eating?

Today I have the nagging urge to just eat and eat.

On a normal day I eat around 1,000 calories, when my recommended intake is 1,800...

Could my unintentional deprivation cause today's impulse?

And is it ok if I go over today? Or should I find a way to make up for it?

I rarely do this, probably not even once a month.

*I'm at healthy weight.

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    I would seek advice on regular healthy eating patterns.

    Binge eating is usually considered an eating disorder.

    And by the sounds of the restricted food intake, you may have a non-purge type of bullimia.

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    Yepp,, I have the same problem,, where I don't eat enough just cuz I never want to or feel hungry and then every now and then I just feel hollow all day and want to do nothing but eat

    I say it's fine to eat whatever and how much you want today, one day isn't going to make a big difference

    Although I would recommend trying to get the recommended amount that you need daily, you'll be healthier if you do :) (I'm trying to work on this too)

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    Be smart and eat 2,000 calories a day, even if you don't want to.

    You know why? Because you will become very sick if you don't.

    Also, don't binge eat.

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    if you drink water it should help you feel fuller. sometimes we confuse hunger with dehydration, and sometimes its ok to treat your self its not like you have to worry about it since you are in your healthy weight zone.

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