South Node in Pisces- opposition- Mars/ Venus in Libra ( Mars and Libra conjuct by 2degree)?

meaning of this opposition.

Thank you

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    South Node(Pisces) in the 6th house oppose Venus(Libra) in the 12th house(?) [North Node conjunct Venus] suggests a native that may be good at timing social events and activities or making social contacts that aid them in the pursuit of their aims. Negatively, the native may tend to waste their energy on frivolous social activities.

    -Mars(Libra) in the 12th house(?) [North Node conjunct Mars] suggests a native that is very energetic, with strong views about the societies militaristic attitudes. The tend to follow their own trends, especially if they feel that the current social trend is too harsh or not good.

    Source(s): PhD Metaphysical Sciences
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