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I need ur help choosing paint color for my sons jungle theme bedroo,m?

Originally I was going to do a medium and light blue . Now am having a problem deciding between a light olive green, blue or tans and browns. What color goes best for the whole jungle them.

P.s. I wont be painting a mural just decorating jungle theme

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  • Katie
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    9 years ago
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    I think any of them work. However, if you go with a tan or brown color when you someday redecorate you can maybe avoid painting again since it's a little more neutral. Same is true if you decide to see your house, a realtor might suggest repainting if it's not a neutral color. Overall though, I'd pick out the bedding and accessories and chose from there.

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    It rather depends on the decor. If your decor is primarily green, I'd go with earth-tones on the walls (browns, beiges, etc.). If the decor is more earth-tones than greens, I'd do the walls in greens.

    If you're going to do any blues at all, I'd keep them up high, either as an accent color or as the ceiling color... not use them as the primary color on the walls.

  • 9 years ago

    Light olive green sounds super cute for a jungle room :)

  • Tatem
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    9 years ago

    tan will serve as a nice back drop to any color you decide to do with bedding and such, that way if you decide to change the theme your not locked into a certain color theme........olive would be fine but tan is more flexiable

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    You will have chosen some really great colors. They're all earth tones, which matches flawlessly with a jungle theme. Truthfully, either colour would appear first-rate. But if I had to select, i might go for the colour that's least obvious on the bedding. Try to not paint the partitions a color that you already have an excessive amount of of. Create a stability within the room. Hope this helps and good luck! =)

  • 9 years ago

    Light olive green, blacks, and maybe try drawing a few stripes (reminiscent of trees) in tans and browns.

    Some inspiration:

  • 9 years ago

    i think a bright green will suit more to this theme

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