About my new blog...?

I've just opened my blog, http://www.velvez.com/

I coded it all myself. I like Wordpress but i wanted it to be all mine.

How is the design?

How is the speed?

The blog is about computer technologies, internet, and programming. At the moment it is opened in only Turkish language but i've been working on it to make eng. version. When i complete, i hope it will be more popular because i also follow the "this just in" news.

Do you have any suggestions about how to make it more developed?


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  • 9 years ago
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    It's good to know you have created your own CMS platform with Php. I like that you have kept it simple and practical.

    Some tips: (my personal opinion)

    1. The logo is small. Looks like you have tried to adjust it with fixed menu tab on top. A little bigger would have better visual.

    2. Title color should be stronger than text and a little bigger too.

    3. A couple of errors and warnings as per w3.org markup check. (link below)

    4. There are multiple browser emulators on net. Check cross browser compatibility if you haven't. Specially with IE6 (link below).

    5. Some widgets like recent posts or top posts on right tab will help reduce bounce rate.

    Every one has their own style and expectation. Get feedback from your blog readers. Upgrade is a continuous process on web. If you looking for some ideas. Give a search for best site designs, or in your case minimalistic designs. It's an infinite world.

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