Do yo uthink that long distance relation ship work out or no?

ok i met a person on fb ( i know it dumb) but im a tenn so anways im from cali sanfranco and they are from la cali well we have never met but we talk on phone. it has been 7 months and i really fell like it will not work out. i have currently move to north carolina i kno a far away but the person im with still want to be together untill i get back n hope we will meet. well i htought maybe i would stay with him but if i fouynd someone in person here in north carolina i would date them until i go back to cali but for some reason i feel unfaithful. i think they are a cool person n reall feel the conection but i fell bad if iwere to cheat on them. what are your opinions ?


true i should meet them but im shur it the sam guy im talking to i knoo it not fake but it like not being able to see them it can get to me sometimes and yeah i fell like even tho am not serious i can tell they are and i really am not the type of guy u like to hurt others

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    If you are really really serious about having a relationship with them, you can continue to have long term...but if you think you'll cheat them or something, u better break up with them now and dont hurt their feelings coz they might be serious about u when ur not..

  • 9 years ago

    U never know who is on the other line :p

    Internet isn't love, u should at least see the person, right?

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