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I cant sleep. no matter how late i stay up.?

When I go to bed I think about things I need to do and say I go to bed at 12 i don't get to sleep until like 2 & then I gotta get up at like 6?

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  • Rob
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    9 years ago
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    Try thinking about what you have to do at your breakfast time. This may mean you might have to awake a bit earlier,but it will give you time for reflection about what you have to do. Then you will have time after your day of work for relaxation and at bedtime you will have free-time for sleep or other mischief.

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    you should try a "brain dump".

    its where you wrie down everything your worried about/thinking about/mustnt forget, and stick it to your front door, or somewhere you will definitely see it, so that your brain knows you can deal with them tomorrow, and they you can sleep :) try it x

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    You could be a short sleeper

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