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Anyone who had bleeding in early pregnancy Please answer.?

I had some brown spotting at six weeks, it lasted for about three days and I went to the doctor. They said that the place where the baby was attatched to my uteran wall was bleeding but that was very common and half of the time it ended in a normal pregnancy. I've stopped bleeding since then, and a day after I went to the doctor, this SEVERE morning sickness started. Its all day all night and I am dehydrated. Can't keep down food water or prenatals. I've tried all the home remedies and nothing is working. I'm going to the er if I can't keep down this cup of gatorade I'm drinking right now. But I was wondering if I miscarried when that bleeding was happening, would I have developed the morning sickness after the miscarriage started like that? And its been getting worse every day, is that possile if I miscarried? Any similar experiences with a healthy baby at the end? I'm just worried.

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    My wife is 6 weeks and is having some spotting. The DR told her this is very normal. She was told not to worry but if it's around a tablespoon of blood accompanied by severe cramping she should go to the ER. Good luck.

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    No you have not miscarried, if you had you would have no pregnancy symptoms at all. My sister had severe sickness the whole 9 months she was pregnant, she was given the wrist band, medication, the lot and was still sick. She did get days when she could not get up from the toilet and other days when she was fine. she delivered a boy weighting 8Ib 9ozs. Best of Luck, it will be all worth it. But do go to your ER and get the sickness sorted.

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