Anybody good with coming up with RPG names/ Artist nicknames?

I need a name and none of the name generators work for me. I want an RPG name that I will use for my characters & user name, etc. something unique that nobody has. I'm having such troubles with this so any help or suggestions would be appreciated. :)

I want it to be a play on the word "Kitsune" or "fox spirit" or something like that

My name is Jewels so anything with Jewels or the letter J

Here's some random words that I like or describe me

-- Orange

-- Electric

-- Dancer

-- Sunshine

-- Swim

-- Animator

Thanks for your help


ha that's kinda cool.

Update 2:

any game. All games. for everything.

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    depends what game yur playing

  • 7 years ago

    You can choose a name like The Ruler Of The Sunshine Temple . I like to think of myself as The Black Mage, Ruler of The Dark World And Madness

  • 9 years ago

    Just look at the lord of the rings maps of middle earth and pick a cool name. That's what I did for my Skyrim character, called Noldor

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    Rpg Nicknames

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    4 years ago

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