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Does anyone know of any free off-ice hockey training programs that wont involve going to gym?

I play B hockey and I want to play AA next year and i will do anything to get there.

someone please help!

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    if you will do anything to get there you will go to the gym

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    I'm 16, and I had the same problem as you. I would just search for hockey training videos on youtube, and Google for hours and hours everyday. I also purchase a book called Complete Conditioning For Hockey. It's by Peter Twist who was an NHL Strength & Conditioning coach, and now runs his own franchise (Twist Conditioning). he has 2 different books, one from like 1997, and another from about 2007. I have the most updated book (latest), and it is excellent. He teaches you all hockey specific exercises that will translate into on-ice improvements. I recommend it to you if you want to be a better hockey player.

    Otherwise, you can always try googling, or search on Youtube for hockey exercises and workouts.

    Good luck!

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    Get the home ice kit. It's fake ice that you slide back and forth on, and if you get a big enough shee of this "Fake ice" you can even practice stickhandling!

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