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Why does The Y&R keep coming up with dumb and ridiculous storylines?

like the rape one. if what's her face had been raped, wouldn't she be too scared to even be close to billy?

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    Good point. And would you want to have anything to do with the rapist afterward? She traveled from Myanmar to Genoa City to tell Billy he had raped her and now she's pregnant but she wants to keep the baby even though she's unemployed and was more or less a bar girl in Myanmar. It doesn't make any sense,but I don't know why I keep thinking it will one of these days. I think my ex-husband is going to pay me all of the back child support too. I need my head examined.

  • Ugh, I know right? I think she's just playing him. But why isn't he doing something about it? And the whole Sharon marrying Victor? Ridiculous. These soaps get a little insane! Although, I don't think any soap will ever be as weird and crazy as Passions was.

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    True....but she is out for what she can get..........Tired of the Patti s/l she has been there and done that, last year she was hiding out in the Newman potting shed with the dog finding her and barking and here we go again the same stupid stuff, how can Patti be declared insane and yet she out smarts the same stupid people all over again.....nothing like wasting precious air time with her stupid azz pranks........I wish Jack would just marry her already and put us out of our misery.

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  • He was drugs, so it all a fake, and she did admitted to Billy that it wasn't true..

    In other words the writers are the dumb

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    That one storyline isn't as dumb as the one with Patti. That is the one I want to end ASAP.

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    Billy was drugged and under her influence cause she drugged him before they had sex. She wasnt raped for sure just a gold digger..K2

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