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Can you have a portable wireless router or hotspot without a monthly payment?

Is there any like portable wifi routers or hotspots you can buy and not have to pay monthly? Like you could plug into your wall or car and not have to pay monthly?

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    What do you want to do ? You can of course set up your own wifi hotspot (that is what all wifi routers do). The only cost will be that of the wifi router and the power to run it.

    Of course if you want to server internet access then you obviously need to get one from your telephone/internet supplier. But if all you want is to setup a wifi hotspot to share files etc with people at home or in neighbouring appartments, without any internet access, then you are all set.

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    You do not have to use the router your ISP gives you. In that regard, you can save money.

    Look into Linksys by Cisco or ASUS routers.

    You will still need to pay a monthly fee for the internet connection.

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