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water too hot for betta??

my heater is supposed to keep the water at 78degrees, but my thermoter is marking 79. I have tested the thermother on other places, so im pretty sure it's accurate. this is the temperature it had at night, i will be watching what it is when it is warmer during the day...but for now should i be concerned??? The tank is 2.5gal, i will upgrade, but cannot do so now. Also is it normal for my betta to be swimming around the heater so much???? plus i think he is making little bubbles on it too..


@gaby. I know they can live in warmer tempereturatures, but my heater is supposed to keep the water at 78 always. So just want to know it is not malfunctioning.

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    79 is fine for Betta's......they can even go a little warmer so I would not worry; as for him swimming around the heater....they just love to find places to hide etc.....and the bubbles are probably a bubble nest, indicating that he is happy and healthy

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  • Ianab
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    9 years ago

    78 - 79.. Meh...

    How do you know your thermometer is even that accurate. It's even likely that the heat will switch on at 77, and off at 79, so the temp will swing between those 2 temps all the tuime.

    Either way, it's in the betta's ideal temperature range, and a couple of degrees variation is nothing to worry about.


  • Gary C
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    9 years ago

    79 to 85 is quite good for a betta. Most people keep bettas in water that is too cool.

    If your heater is keeping the water at 79, that's fine.

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    Have you tried Googling bettas? You should look up the basic care/facts for any animals you own. If you do so, you will see Bettas are from very warm, tropical regions and actually PREFER water that is 80+ degrees. I recommend everyone keep them at 80 degrees, and I keep my own at 82. They like it warm.

    I find that water temps below 75 cause a lot more instances of disease. Particularly fin rot, to which bettas are sensitive to because their fins are long and can easily drag in waste.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Believe me its fine and you can even increase the temp little bit it is perfectly safe for your betta

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