I Have A Few Myrtle Beach Questions?

Hi, this summer me and my parents are going on a vacation. We would like to go to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. My parents have been there 14 years ago on their honeymoon and loved it and since im 13 now, they want to take me this year. My questions begin with, Is it best to fly or to drive down?(we live in northeastern Pennsylvania) my next question is, what are some great hotels that are close to the beach or are even beach front?(we want it kinda close to the boardwalk but not SO close because we don't want it to be really noisy and busy, like no more than 4 blocks close.) also it cant be an outrageous price. My next question is how many days is good to stay down there we were planning about 7 days? (if we drive down, we will extend it 2 days). The next question is, what are some good activities to do down there that are good for me and my parents, and do they have any like SCUBA diving things down there that you can do even if you arent certified? Another question is, what are some good and money friendly resturants down there? (yumm).Almost done, what is the best time to go?(temp wise and money wise) ANd my last and final question is, is Myrtle Beach SC a good vacation spot? Sorry that there are so many questions! :3 But please awnser what you can. Thank you so much to anyone that can help!!(:

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  • Jack
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    9 years ago
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    OK, here's what you need to do. Check out www.city-data.com and look up Myrtle Beach. There's a ton of general information there. More important use www.tripadvisor.com. You can see reviews of hotels and restaurants with prices. That said I would drive (1 day) and stay all 7 days and the extra two. You will like Myrtle if you're a beach person. Now about that 'boardwalk'; it's not like Wildwood or Atlantic City. It's more like Miami Beach. Compared to Wildwood it's narrow without all the hustle and bustle; more like a walkway. It will not bother you to stay on the oceanfront at the boardwalk. Try to get a hotel with a Lazy River, they're fun. I have no idea about SCUBA diving. Go to Broadway at the Beach. It's a great shopping village built around a man made lake. There are a lot of cool things to do out there. Broadway also has a Hard Rock Cafe. You could spend up to a day there. Nearby is a pretty new baseball stadium where the Pelicans play in the summer. Can't help you with restaurants but Trip Advisor can. Any time from May until October is a great time to go to Myrtle. You WILL like it. It's better than ever.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    I too, am from NC (I lived in Raleigh for about 7 years till now moving away) and whilst i like Myrtle coastline, it relatively is far greater beneficial "touristy" than Wilmington is. i'm assuming your from the Mountainous area of NC close to the VA boarder, i assume you will like Wilmington lots. My better half and childrens used to own a beach apartment on Topsail Island and from what I hear, you will locate some terrific activity possibilities there. If it have been me, i might flow back into the mountains although this is only once you evaluate that I p.c.. it over the coastline. the two way, in case you prefer to stay in one in each and every of those 2 places, Wrightsville coastline discipline may be my decision. only top stable fortune!

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