Was this computer worth buying?

Soo my dad decided to get this Used computer sold for 200$ 

It is a tower G5 , 2GHz with  10.5 (Leopard)

I x 160 GB harddrive

1 x 80 GB backup drive

All the mac software + MS office installed.... Is this a good computer? Was it worth  paying 200$ for?

Thanks for your time!:)

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    9 years ago
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    Eh, maybe if you talk them down. If you don't need to do a great deal with it, then it'll get you by, but not a great deal more than that. It's old, pretty slow by modern standards, won't run any OS later than 10.5.8, won't run most modern games, and won't work with certain sites, ie, Netflix.

    Although the person saying it isn't compatible with iPhones is just flat-out wrong. The latest version of iTunes will run on 10.5 PPC. And Hemppy's response is so incoherent and inaccurate that I'd say he's been smoking a bit of it.

  • hemppy
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    9 years ago

    hi jenna, i am not the kind to disagree with dad because father knows best haven't you heard that but never buy used tech never, no way, no how. why because all your doing is buying someone elses problems and not to mention virus or adaware. but dad did what he could to get you the best he might be able to aford so thank him and use what you got with the feeling that you are cared about. sometimes that is worth more than whether or not you and dad got ripped off. the older you get you will come to appriciate it more and more so give dad a big hug and tell him how much you love him dads need that attention too. plus he will realize how grown up you are becoming. now back to the computer with a mac they have a weak partition so if you get an error any error then pull out the trusty tuneup diskett and replace you drivers so everything will repair itself. good luck i hope i was helpful to you

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    I think that in any case with macs get the latest because 10.5 doesent support iPhones I'd save my money and buy the latest

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    4 years ago

    once you've the money to spend on an Alienware, then that is an ok deal. To get the most on you money, construction your own is purely properly, yet that takes time and study. if you're prepared to spend the added time, then construct your own. if you're prepared to spend the money, then get the Alienware.

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  • 9 years ago

    hmm im not sure but maybe you should go to www.deeznuts.com

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