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suggest some middle names for ashlyn or samantha.?

i am married to a christian whereas iam hindu. so we hv decided to pick names of both origin. we are done with the first. suggest some hindu names which go along with samantha or ashlyn. or give names of your choice.

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    sry i'm Indian and we don't usually deal with middle names but i'll try

    Ashlyn Piya

    Ashlyn Rhea/Riya

    Samantha Sohni

    Samantha Mahi

    I like Ashlyn Rhea and and Samantha Sohni hope this helps :)

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    Samantha Aaral

    Samantha Jasmin

    Samantha Ania (Grace)

    Samantha Ayesha

    Samantha Aryana

    Samantha Lavanya

    Samantha Leora

    Ashlyn Chandra

    Ashlyn Lolita

    Ashlyn Malina/Monica

    Ashlyn Sabeena/Sameera

    Ashlyn Shyla

    Ashlyn Jayna

    Ashlyn Ganesa

    Ashlyn Harper

    Ashlyn Kala

    Ashlyn Lalana

  • Anonymous
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    hey. i also have a hindu ethnicity.

    my grandma's name is Sattya Das ("servant of Sattya")

    i suggest the names:

    Ashlyn Brianna

    Ashlyn Sattya

    Ashlyn Margaux

    Samantha Margrette (or Margarette, but i prefer the "Margret" better)

    Samantha Christenn

    Samantha Abigail

    names of my choice would be:

    Indirah Bernadeth (Indirah is hindu, bernadeth is christian)

    Marian Devany (Marian is from Mary which is christian, and Devany is from Devyani, which is hindu for "like a Goddess")

    hope you like the names. :)

    Source(s): i am a baby name consultant at St. Joseph Children's Hospital for 6 years.
  • 9 years ago

    Samantha Aabha? Or Alaina.

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  • 9 years ago

    ashlyn brooke

    samantha grace

    ashlyn jane

    samantha candice

    ashlyn cole

    samanha keira

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  • Kevin7
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    I think Karen

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