I need some first time sex help?

Me and my boyfriend are both virgins and we tried to have sex the other day, however my trousers kept getting in the way so it was so awkward and then he couldnt get 'it' inside me and said im too small, how can we get it in? Also i was on top so i dont really know what to do hmm please help and give advice, we're 17 old enough and ready. Thankyou

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  • 9 years ago
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    Take all your clothers off first of all! You need them all off lol and it will be a better experience. It is impossible for you to be too small down there, a baby comes outta there. He should be on top of you to start with maybe, might be easier. He has to go slow and ease into you, and you need to be wet down there. You need to get turned on, don't go rushing into him putting it straight in cause you will be dry and it will hurt. Kiss each other, let him feel, and rub down there with his fingers, you can do it too. You just need to relax! :)

  • 9 years ago

    Hey! so first time can be a little tricky but eventually you ge the hang of it.

    So first step is to take all your clothes off! having sex is supposed to be romantic and it feels amazing to just be completely naked against eachother. So yes, all clothes off.

    You need to foreplay! play around, kiss, touch, rub. Mess around, you have sex because of that drive of wanting him, if you just say HEY LET'S DO IT, your body isn't going to be ready. Sometimes it's a little difficult to get wet enough to have him go inside you and not hurt. If you find it difficult to get him in then use lube, or my alternative, i always use just a bit of spit. trust me, it does wonders.

    I tried going on top first when i did it, but i found it a little difficult, so i'd reccomend him being on top. The only reason you'd want to be on top is to guide in the penis at the pace that doesn't hurt for you, so just hold his hips and say stop if it's hurting.

    Like the other poster said, it is NEVER too small, trust me. Babies come out of there! if anything you're tensing up and making it difficult to get inside, relaaax. deep breaths, and relax the pelvis. don't clench or tighten up or it'll be impossible to get inside. Spread your legs open wider if you're having a hard time but it should all work out, even if you take a couple tries keep trying and you'll figure it out, no need to get it right the first time.

    USE PROTECTION, condoms PLEASE. doesn't matter if you're on birth control... use a condom for atleast a little while before getting rid of it..

    Good Luck! msg me if you have any more questions.

    ps: you'll feel an odd pressure and an interesting unusual feeling.. but having sex for the first time doesn't "hurt" if you are relaxed and well lubed. Don't worry about pain.


  • 9 years ago

    Take off your pants and go in through the butt. That's much easier to find.

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