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Is it possible my pit bull/boxer breed is a compulsive scratcher?

My dog has been scratching, biting and gnawing but not to the point of pulling out hair. No red bumps, red skin or dry skin. I have stopped all treats he was getting, and I have even taken away toys that have dye in them. He is on a dog food of lamb and rice. My husband says he is just a compulsive scratcher. Could this be true?

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    Do youhave a flea comb that you can use on him? Even if your dog is on a good flea prevention product, fleas can become resistant to it over time. What has helped me is changing flea prevention product every six mos. or so. Since you are not seeing any rash or skin problem, it is very possible there are a few fleas bothering your dog. Ours are on effective topical flea prevention, but we have had to rotate as I've advised in order to effectively stop fleas from wreaking havoc. I doubt your dog is just a compulsive scratcher. I've never heard of that. Dogs scratch because something is causing them to itch. Sometimes it is allergies to food or something in the environment. One way to test if the food is a factor is to gradually switch to a food that is with an atypical meat such as venison or duck. There are some blend with duck and potato or duck and sweet potato, and these tend to be better for dogs that have allergies. But check and see if there are any fleas first.

    Skin does not have to be flaky to be dry. You could ask your Vet about adding some fish oil capsules to his food. Ours get two a day (they are 50 lbs each).

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    Both breeds are prone to allergies.

    Rice could very well be the culprit. Find a grain free food.

    If the dog is to the point of pulling out its fur, the dog needs to see a Vet. It's painful and uncomfortable to live with terrible allergies like this. He might need to be on an antihistamine. It might not even be a food allergy, it could very well be environmental.

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    Pretty likely that its a food allergy, as Pit Bulls are very prone to them.

    You're best bet would be to see a vet to figure this out, as it could lead to your dog eventually hurting himself. Scratching leads to hair loss, hair loss leads to sores, sores lead to infection if not treated.

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    Could be Allergy, dry skin, heat, mites or a number of things, perhaps OCD? See your vet.

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    allergies more likely

    over bred byb/mill dogs have a lot of skin/health problems

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    Does he have fleas?

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