Why can't we get unlimited source of electricity using Van De Graff Generator?

ok so this thought has been bothering me for some time.... but i learnt that the concept of VDG generator is that a smaller sphere will always be at a higher potential compared to the larger sphere it is kept inside.... and in this way we can build enormous potential differences between the two spheres by just connecting them internally..... i.e. the potential builds up on its own.... so if we connect a large enough resistance to it much before air's breakdown potential is reached... then practical amounts of currents can be drawn from the generator until to many charges accumulate on the spheres... which fortunately takes a very long time..... so this could be a viable commercial source of electricity.... 10 points for the best answer!! :)

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    9 years ago
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    A little knowledge is worse than nothing.

    You have 0 understanding of the whole matter. Get some education, it will do wonders.....

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