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Why does my dog prefer my roommate?

i have a beagle puppy who is about 9 weeks old and ive had him for 3 weeks now. i bought this dog, i feed him play with him, take him for walks, cuddle him, and all of that but as soon as my roomie comes home he ignores me. Hes always way more excited to see her and never acts that way with me and he listens to her more. Its frustrating because it seems my roomie is the pack leader and its not even her dog!!

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    puppys will always know who there parent is, think about it as being a favorite uncle to a child, the child is with there parent all the time so when they see there uncle there soooo excited, continue walking and play and cuddling with your dog but when your roomate comes home ignore it and ignore your dog, it will eventually come back to you for attention, shes not going to pet it for hours he will eventually get bored and come back to you, dont be excited to see him but cuddle and love on him, this should over time make a better concetion with your dog

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    My dogs get excited when someone visits us or they see familiar people. After meeting them, they return to me. Dogs know who their caretaker is. You will see your dog will look for you once your roommate is done playing with him.

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    The puppy knows you are the parent, it's just being stimulated by new things it doesn't understand as well.

  • 9 years ago

    byb dog for one

    dogs like who they like for two

    if you want a stuffed animal, get rid of dog

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