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Feeding Pinkies for a 4 Months Old Baby King Snake?

whats most recommended Amount of Pinkies for feeding a 4 months old baby king snake in a Week and How long do i Wait?

Please Helpful Comments Only and Be as Specific as Possible and thanks


Note: i'm Talking About a 4 Months Old Baby Eastern Chain King snake Also known as

Common King Snake,Eastern King Snake,Lampropeltis Getulas Getuas

and These kinds of king snakes are pretty Peaceful snakes and i'm not talking about any other snakes

and thanks

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    This is my specialty, Klaus (See avatar) - With all my Kings, I feed them once per week. A 4 month-old should be taking large links (5-7 days old) not the newborns for maximum growth. You'll know you are feeding the right size if you can see a noticeable, slight swelling or lump after the meal. As he grows, start to switch to fuzzys as he gets thicker-probably at about the 6 month mark. He may appear hungry again after he poops at about the 2-3 day mark but don't overfeed him as it will shorten his life. Power feeding is a practice used by breeders to get the snakes to grow quickly so they can breed them and make money. In nature, Kings don't feed like cl;ock work every 7 days and can go for a very long time without food. I just had a Variable Kings that shut down for 2 1/2 months and just started eating again last week.

    Stick to every 7 days and feed the right sized mouse and you'll be fine.

    Good luck; I hope this helps

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    If you simply acquired him, I'd go away him by myself for no less than every week earlier than seeking to feed him. Snakes want time to settle in to their new atmosphere and believe secure earlier than they are going to take a threat on consuming. Make certain his necessities are spot on for temps and humidity. Make certain he is acquired ample conceal spots and is in a quiet position. Don't do some thing with him for no less than week as opposed to difference the water and any imperative cleansing. After the week, present him anything the breeder was once feeding him and within the identical manner. If he does not consume, go away him for one more week after which take a look at once more. If he nonetheless does not consume, I'd chat with the breeder and uncover out what you're doing that would no longer be operating because the snake has without doubt been consuming up till this factor. I'm certain he will come round even though - kingsnakes are infamous for being bottomless pits!

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    Theres many different ways to feed a snake.

    when my red tail was a baby we fed him once a week.

    snakes can go months without food, but i wouldnt reccomend that it will get aggressive.

    once he got bigger and we were on a buget it went down to one every 2 weeks.

    were going back to one a week though hes much bigger now and we feed him med rats.

    Powerfeeding is where you can feed him 2-3 times a week and by doing this your making him grow much faster

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