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What did you do last 4th of July? + What are your plans for this 4th of July?


I like your idea =)

I agree, we need to start showing more pride in our country!!

I want to go all out this 4th of July, I just can't think of what to do!!

Any suggestions??

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    I was volunteering for my church on that day.

  • 9 years ago

    Its funny you asked this! I was pondering it lately, what a coincidence!

    What I had planned is to deck out my carr with all types of American Flag , wear an AMerican flag as a hood and cape wherever I go, and just be very charismatic, because Americans have lost there pride, and I will blast music in my car, the colonial American Revolution fife and drum music, and also will yell on my loud speaker "THIS. IS. AMERICAAAAAAAAAA!!!"......Honestly this I will do .

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    9 years ago

    Celebrated my sister's birthday, haven't made any plans yet for this yr but I think it'll be the same what we do every year, cinema/bowling/eat out

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