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There has been a fire at the McMahon home?

It is being reported that John Cena has started a fire. Word is that Shane McMahon had his testicles burnt off and Stephanie McMahon had her hair burnt off. Word is this was retaliation from John after Vince McMahon made John lick his nutsack. Here's Cena on the incident: "Vince made me chew his carmelized nutsack. He then deep-fried his balls and made me gag by forcing them down my throat. I had no choice. I would like to apologize to nobody. I'm John mudda fukkin Cena asswipes". He then proceeded to shitt in the reporters mouth and make him suck his cokk..

No word on if Cena will be fired or not. He is scheduled to compete in a shitt eating contest with cm punk at a house show tonight.

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    Vince deep fried his that what all multi-millionaires do.

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