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Good morn DS poll about feeding your dog raw meat?

Personal opinion / You have a large breed dog , GSD,lab , Boxer , Pit Bull Terrier , etc...

What are your thought's on a raw and or partial meat diet along w/ regular food ?

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    My dog used to run wild and is documented with killing and eating small animals, cats include.

    As such, he has no issues with a feed of raw meat and actually prefers it to dog food. Dog food was not part of his diet for about the first year of his life and he considers it unworthy of him.

    To that end we procure raw meat for him whenever possible and share our meat with him before it is cooked. Most other meat for his diet is secured from a small local abattoir for free. And while this meat is free it does not come from the floor. It is merely product that is clean trimmings and meat that is deemed visually unsuitable for store display. The dog could care less about the visual aspect.

    I should add that last Winter he had a whole deer leg that took him a good two weeks to finish off and he's not above taking an errant gopher if it wanders into our yard. Thankfully for our cats, he has given up on cat meat.

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    I have a Chihuahua and two Siberian Huskies and I feed all of them Prey Model Raw. It's the best diet in my opinion, so long as the dog doesn't have a compromised immune system.

    I much prefer a dog to be on either all raw or all regular dog food. It has been said that raw and kibble digests at different rates and plus the ph level changes when a dog eats raw then kibble then raw again. That being said, many people feed raw for one meal and kibble for another and have no problems at all.

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    I have a Lab pup. She just loves her food! She's on a diet of plain dog food sometimes mixed with carrots to keep the weight off. If I'm cutting up meat for my dinner I will always put some aside for her. She loves raw meat above anything else, if you hide ot under her kibble at night she'll dig through it to find the raw meat to eat first. Reminds me of a child picking through their dinner to eat the best bits first!

    I see no problem with my pup have raw meat mixed with her regular puppy food.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Well i tried that, but my fussy mutt wont even eat chicken. Raw or cooked! So i just stick to his tripe now. Honestly, i don't think it's a big deal to feed a dog a selection of things. And surely any fresh meat can only be a good thing?

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    My dog LOVES meat. It's good for them too. The other day he had a bunch of chicken hearts.

    I give him meat as treats, but he has a special dog food for his skin and fur so that's what he eats for meals.

  • JenVT
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    I have dogues de bordeaux. We feed the pups kibble in the morning and raw at night and then when they are about 18 months old we transition them to raw 2x per day.

  • Alison
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    I know someone who does a raw meat as a treat. Its good for them.

    My dog won't touch it.

    What it comes down to is what the owners like and what works for their dog. Some dogs don't do good on it while others do fine on it.

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    I don't usually feed raw - to me, a good quality kibble is much easier to feed. If it works, it's what I'll stick with.

  • Labman
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    There is no good reason to do it. Non of the arguments I have seen for raw are based on the real world. Modern dog foods are carefully formulated to meet the well known nutritional needs of dogs, Most dogs thrive on even the common brands of kibble. The only ones I know advocating feeding raw are those of no known qualifications on the net. The links they put up are to sites I have no idea who is behind. All of what I have found reliable sources oppose it.

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    Raw meat can be dangerous for any animal to consume, because ,just like humans, they are susceptible to getting E. coli or salmonella from uncooked food.

    Source(s): Animal science degree
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