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Can this actually be real?

I have a friend who had a babygirl who was in the hospital the first 9 months of her life(We will call my friend Lupe and her baby Maria)... And she ended up getting RSV and passed away. She had alot of problems when she was born. Her mom had her when she was like 6 months pregnant.

But anyways.. On November 11th 2011 I had a miscarriage. I was like 9 weeks pregnant. It ate me up. I was devastated.

My friend texted me and said that she had a dream that her daughter came to see her and make sure she was doing ok. And Lupe said her daughter told her that another baby came to heaven and was telling her that this baby told Maria to tell her momma(Lupe) to tell the babys momma and daddy that it loves them and not to be sad. But Lupe told Maria that she didn't even know the babys parents and I guess that my baby showed her its face and it looked like me and my boyfriend but more like me.(It was a little girl). And she said that God needed them to watch over us. And that we would all meet again one day. And she said when the dream was over right before she wokr up my baby left with an older man (the only older man i know that has passed away is my grandpa. which i pray to him all the time to take care of my baby) but can these dreams really happen? like what are the chances this was real?! I haven't cried over my miscarriage in a month and i pretty much bursted!

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    You are both scarred by what happened. I don't believe in that kind of unscientific stuff.

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    Dreams occur as modified forms of our thoughts, according to one of the understandings. So, since you and your friend have been rather disturbed about your life incidents, these dreams are quite understandable. But it doesn't mean that they are true.

    Do allow yourself to cry. Suppressing your thoughts and feelings is not good. You could allow yourself to fix a time of the day when you purposely think about these thoughts. Do not worry about whether or not you are finding a solution while thinking. This time slot can be just for mental ventilation.

    Also lead a healthy lifestyle in terms of having a healthy balanced diet and some regular exercise.

    All the best.

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    no, its likely ur friend is trying to be supportive and comforting by saying that ur children r both up in heaven together, happy, and waiting for u. only ur friend knows for sure if this dream actually happened. if ur friend is religious or spiritual, she may believe it was more than a dream. and im not one to bust anyone's balls here, if ur spiritual too and all. u can believe wat u like. but this was posted in the psychology section, so from a scientific and psychological standpoint, ur friend is just trying to be supportive and comforting. and not just for u, probably for herself as well.

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