Army guard cav scout?

Are the national guard cav scouts frowned apon because they only train one weekend a month? And how often does the national guard deploy vs active duty? I'm enlisting with the guard as a 19D.

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    9 years ago
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    This day in age there are more Guard and Reservists deployed than Active Duty. Being in the NG is the new form of the draft in my opinion. You will get decent training before you deploy, and you will get the best training while you're deployed. Anyone in the Active Army who has been deployed with the same MOS as someone in the NG has the same amount of experience. Plain and simple.

    If anything reservists and guardsmen do it better because they have to live that double life, they have to live one day in a civilian world, and the next day they could be leaving for a year. Just because you only train 1 weekend a month does not mean that you are not ready to deploy. Active Duty members do not train in war zones year round so their training is just as useful as 1 weekend a month in the NG

    Source(s): Active Duty Army '00-'06 NG '06-Present 18th MP BDE 2003-2004 Baghdad Iraq (18 months) Illinois NG 2006-2007 Baghdad Iraq (2 purple hearts)
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