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If I were to buy a snake...?

So, I do voluntary work at a vets practice, and found I really like snakes. Just got a few questions;

1. How big do corn snakes grow? Are they the smallest snakes? And how much would they cost?

2. Mammals generally grow to like their owners and are very loyal. Is this different in snakes?

3. How big ought a tank for a small snake be? Relative cost?

4. What would you need for the bottom of the tank-esk home?

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    I'm not an expert, take my response with a grain of salt, but:

    I think corn snakes get a few feet long. There are smaller snakes (garter snakes, rough green snakes, etc), but they mostly aren't snakes you can really handle, and/or they require fairly fussy, specialized care. I think corns cost around... $20-40, give or take? More for a specialized morph.

    Snakes aren't particularly loving or loyal, though they do get used to you.

    General rule of thumb is that the tank should be at least as long as the snake, and at least half as wide, and more room is usually better. It would make sense to buy a cage for the *adult* length of your snake, so you don't have to upgrade. I think corns do OK in a 20-gallon tank, which I think will cost you about $20, but I'd check with a pet store.

    I think corns do OK with aspen shavings or paper towel as a substrate, if that's what you're asking. They also need a water dish, and possibly a hide.

    Whatever you decide to get, read *several* care sheets (in case one is wrong) before you buy.

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    Corn snakes are awesome. they grow about 3-4 feet. Snakes don't ever become loyal to they owners because they are much different than mammals. A 30 gallon tank should be suitable and they cost $100 max. and idk what you mean about the bottom of the tank-esk home, but if you meak what would you put at the bottom of the tank I would use dried corn husk. You can buy dried corn husk at any pet store that sells things for reptiles.

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    Corn snakes can push the 5ft length mark depending on the habitat they are kept in as well as how well their diet is and over all health.

    Snakes unlike cats and dogs don't gain a loyal relationship with their owners. However handling it often, perferably once a day will reduce the risk of him biting you greatly. Snakes usually wont bite unless they feel threatened so by gently handling it the risk of biting drops quickly. This is the same for all reptiles.

    As far as tanks go, a 20 to 50gal tank depending on the size of the snake itself. You can also build, or have someone build you a custom snake / lizard / tortoise "coffin case" with lexan glass and wood. By doing that you can have an accurate size habitat for the snake without having to shop around pet stores for the ideal tank.

    For the bottom of the tank you can use corn husk, dry grass, dry leafs, and standard pet bedding like you see in rabbit, mice, and hamster cages.

    Over all setup of the proper habitat depending on the size of the tank you choose to use can cost on average $150 to $400. But again, price range is based on habitat size, if you get a very small newly hatched snake you can get away with as little as $30 invested in a habitat.

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    Corn snakes are a decent beginner snake. They get anywhere from 3 to maybe even 6 feet, though they'll average 4 feet. They are very narrow bodied, getting a little wider than your thumb. They aren't the smallest snake, but they are one of the smallest that are common pets. Boas max out around 10 feet, anacondas will get to around 17 feet. Ball pythons get around 5 feet and are very good and easy pet snakes. Other python species are going to get a lot bigger, 15 feet for a Burmese, 22-25 feet for african Rocks and Retics.

    Reptiles don't share the emotions of mammals, but they will grow to trust you. Many people claim to have good "pet" relationships with snakes. Its not technically possible, given the mental capabilities of smaller snakes.

    For any snake, you want a tank that is at least as long as half of their body length, longer for smaller more active snakes like corns and kings. I'd say a 36x18x18 would work fine for an adult corn or ball python. Larger snakes need larger tanks, I got a 72x48x24 for my retic and a 48x36x24 for my female Red Tail. Cost is dependent on what you want, you can get a 36x18x18 tank for about $100-150 from a pet store, or cheaper online. You can build your own enclosure for much cheaper, but you'll only need custom enclosures for larger snakes, like Burmese Pythons and Retics.

    For the bottom of all of my tanks, I use newspaper. Sounds cheap, but it works just fine, most breeders recommend it as its cheap, easy to clean, and provides plenty of grip for the snake to move.

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    Corn snakes are stupid and i hate them and there a little meaner then the normal snake, corn snakes get about 3 feet in captivity, ball pythons get a little bigger but much fatter, while most boas (which i have) get 12-18 feet. I dont like corn snakes cause to me they dont have much personality, my boa has some but hes mostly a little jackass, he knows my smell but if i hadnt fed him in a while and if i reach in he will through his head at me like hes going to stirke to let me know hes hungary, we have a 72gallon tank which is sooo mot nessary but it gives him space to move. you also have to understand that snakes can and will bit and you have to fed the other animals, you also have to make sure you have heating lamps and humidity and you take care of em. you cant really tell if a snake likes you or not but if you get them when there little they grow to know who you are, we had people over one time and everyone was holding him but i had to take him away because he was hissing at my guy friend, he was nervous holding him and my boa knew it. when Nightmare (my boa) was little we kept him in a 10 gallon 10 bucks at walmart, you need to make sure the lid does not come off, cause they will get out, and we use mulch for our snakes

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