Answer my question please?

In my dream i saw thst i git martied and was going to have a wedding. It was someone I didn't know at all but was somehow my cousins husbands relative and I was getting really excited to be this man's missus. I was running really behind on the wedding day and wasn't ready when it was almost 2pm. Also all the rooms were dark and gloomy and I remember the weather being dull.

I'm a Muslim and I know that Catholics claim marriage means a death? Idk how it applies but please give your opinions/explanations. I'm single so I don't have a bf but I always have recurring dreams of marriages, arranged as well etc

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  • 9 years ago
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    I would say whatever a wedding means to you in reality, perhaps love, people coming together, family gathering etc.

    You are falling behind on the importance of that, the weather is showing that you are not seeing clearly.

  • 9 years ago

    On some level all of us are both male and female and in past lives many have experienced what it is like to be both.Heaven comes to earth when we become both.At the same time this is a paradox because at that state of being we are neither male or female.

    This dream is about.There is a part of you that recognizes this,that explains the excitement.That part is happy that you have been considered worthy to participate,first-fruit kinda thing.Thanks for sharing you part in the new age

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