Olay quench touch of sun lotion, tan arms, pale hands?

I bought this Olay lotion with self-tanner in it. So far love it, makes my tan pretty dark in just like 3 days. No orange colour, smells good, not too expensive.. whatever. So on the instructions it says to wash hands to prevent hands front getting stained. so i've been doing that, and the lotion has worked so well that now I have really tanned body and super pale hands. do you think leaving the tanner on my hands would look bad? or should i start leaving it on my hands?


aannssswwweeer. :( aha

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  • 9 years ago
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    You always want to be careful when applying sunless products to areas like your hands and feet. These areas soak up product like crazy! Having said that, it sounds like it would be a good idea for you to apply at least a tiny bit of product to your hands. Try to use minimal amounts, especially on your palms and be sure to rub the product into your whole hand (or else you may end up with white lines on your knuckles).

    Source(s): Professional Spray Tanning Consultant www.envytan.com
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