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Do you tip? I do & according to my friends, I shouldnt.?

They all say you pay enough when you order a meal or coffee or pay for a taxi. So what's your opinion on tipping people?

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    Your friends are wrong. And rude. I always tip at least 20 percent if I had a good waiter and less if not. When you order food, that money doesn't go to the server. They are getting paid less than minimum wage and depend on tips. It is the right thing to do and if you aren't going to do it, you shouldn't go get these services.

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    I looked at some of your earlier questions and i think i understand the confusion. i believe you said that you are american but now living in ireland? Things in Europe are very different

    In the UK - tipping taxis is uncommon, as is tipping in a coffee shop. I mean for a taxi fare of 9.85 might round it up to ten but thats about it.

    For a restaurant 10% is standard. The minimum wages in the UK are much higher than in the US - just under 9 euros an hour in Ireland for over 21s (around 10 dollars i think) which is very different from some US places where its a few dollars an hour and the rest is made up by tips

    because of these wages - it means some people see tipping as only for exceptional service (so a normal job doesnt deserve one), or if you tip you rarely go above 10%

    Hope that explains things a little bit - your irish friends aren't being cheap, its a cultural difference

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    Your friends are wrong and honestly I wouldn't go out to eat with them if they don't tip the waiter! In the USA waiters make only 2-3 dollars an hour and they depend on tips! You should always tip at least 15% of your total bill! And also cab drivers depend on tips because it cost them a lot to own a car in the city, have a taxi cab license, and gas cost a lot now. So always tip a cab driver 15% or whatever you can afford extra.

    I ALWAYS tip waiters and cab drivers! If service is bad I give 15% exactly or a little less. If service was great I give 18-20% tip. Use the calculator on your cell phone if you don't know how to calculate tip in your head.

    Example: Lets say your bill is $22.50 times it by 0.15 (this makes it a percent) = 3.375 so leave 3 dollars and 40 cents or round up and leave 4 dollars.

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    They're wrong. You're right.

    If service is good, you should tip.

    It doesn't matter how much or how little you pay for a meal. Your server is not getting the money for it. They usually make less than minimum wage and depend on tips.

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    Servers make around $4.25, so they depend on tips to make a legitimate income. I always tip if the server is good. If they're inattentive or seem rude, then I don't tip as much. But if they're happy, attentive, not too invasive, and seem to care about my table, then I always tip more than I should because they deserve it.

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    ok, right here is the deal~~ The waitress became pissy, she acted out of turn, that on my own could have certain NO TIP in any respect from me, yet you have been a minimum of form-hearted adequate to supply you what you had left, which they could have humbly nicely-known. they had actually NO real annoying extra money from you, coaching are fullyyt as much as the generosity of the client, in acceptance of the interest the server has completed for that shopper. coaching are meant to duplicate the form you perceived the service you have been given, hence the acronym (and phone) T.I.P.S. ( To Insure perfect service). they only observed 3 childrens and knew they could destroy out with that crap. Your terrific component to do is to describe what took place on your mothers and fathers, and circulate decrease back to the eating place including your mothers and fathers and confront them. they're going to quickly pull their horns decrease back in after which you will have the delight of telling them you will never be decrease back.

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    Personally I love tipping people :) But this is probably only because I am a waitress and I love getting tips! I think its up to you wether you decide to tip or not, and your friends can do whatever they like.

    Source(s): I am a waitress :)
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    You should always tip in restaurants...always. the amount depends on the service, if it is bad tip 5% and on the other side if the service is good tip 20%. Cab drivers get tipped if they help you with your luggage...they don't help they don't get tipped.

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    I tip. I like to think it makes someone's day a little brighter.

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    Tip if you want to and can afford it. If it isn't a wise move, just remind yourself that it's their boss's responsibility to pay them. You're not responsible for their salary.

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