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What claim to legitimacy does Mohammed have that Joseph Smith does not have ?


Even the unbelievers agree that he never told a lie.

---what ? Bullsh!t. I'm an unbeliever and I can see that he told plenty of lies. Every time he said an angel spoke to him, he was lying.

Muhammad(pbuh) was loved by all the people of mecca.

---yeah, when it became clear that publicly hating him would get you killed, I'm sure a poll of opinions would reveal 100% 'love' for the guy.

Isn't this enough to prove that he is a prophet?

---no. Not by a long shot.

3.Even after becoming a king,he never lived a kingly life.

"three consecutive days would not go by without the family of Muhammad not eating their fill." [Recorded in al-Bukhari]

Even in the poorest of countries, government leaders live a life of affluence, even when they manifest a superior degree of integrity and do not use their positions to make unfair advantage.

---speaks of his family, not Mohammed himself. Perhaps he needed to keep them hungry to protect himself. Maybe his family did live

Update 2:

Zlatan, cool. Best of luck with that. Hey, if you want, you can say that some of the stuff is from Mohammed in Heaven so that the whole 'last prophet' bit in Islam gets bypassed. Just don't tell anyone WHICH parts come from Mohammed.

Update 3:

Maybe his family did live poor. So what ? What does that actually prove ? I'm sure if you checked, you'd find character references for Joseph Smith. Oh, and let's not forget that this reference comes from Islamic literature, hardly to be trusted on matters of the character of their own prophet.

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    Neither know God nor Jesus-evidenced by their claims-Religion doesnt=the truth: B4 I get involved I research both things about/against it=no regrets later-why Iv studied the whole Bible. Islam/LDS/Cc many others r illegit-claim Bible based but hv nothing 2 do with God/Jesus/contradict Bible.

    Labels/titles/names, history/# of members/converts, amount of time it existed nor claims made about them(ie persecution)means anything-u can call anything anything. Whats practiced makes it whole truth or a lie-dict def doesnt always cover God's full def/word usage/exceptions. Jesus/Bible prophets werent muslims as islam claims(calling a dog god doesnt make it God).

    Many believe in but dont know Jesus-even Satan knows Him. Wrong teaching foundation cancels all ur claims=house built on sand-when sand gives way whole house falls(with what u added/patched/fixed 2 appear better=useless 2 try 2 patch a tire full of holes).

    Reading the Bible(religious/not)u cant find Jesus w/o His Bible directions(//,5). God outsmarted us-only the Bible cant b properly known w/o Jesus(//-If Jewish ppl cant unveil OT w/o Jesus all gentiles cant=why many interps exist/called fairy tales). Jesus came bearing the 2-edged(OT/NT)sword of division. U can lead a horse 2 water but u cant make it drink.

    The above is why most religions r built on gods man likes/seen as good 2 control masses/agendas(fatal mistakes)-CANT ALL B RIGHT(only 1 Bible-why so many interprs? ). Religion(&spirit of)doesnt=the truth/cant teach much about God(cant teach what u dont know). Who knows more about a house-the Builder/ppl moving in later?

    *If Jesus is God's Son then Quran(contradicts Bible); LDS/BoM/mormon(no "another testament"); JWs(twisted NWT/Watchtower/Awake)/Catholics; many Protestants(kept Cc wrong format)/SDA/moonies, Christian Scientists, Scientology/Buddhists/Hindus, others r wrong on Jesus-demotes Jesus 2 prophet/good man-1 way/another. If He isnt God's Son(false prophet)then Bible/all named above r wrong(false prophets)-cant hv it 2 ways-only 1 Jesus=1 true Gospel=2 Cor 11:4.

    Muslims r told the Bible has many errors/rewritten-that the korap is "the" perfect holy book. Bible has errors only if u dont accept Jesus as God's real Son/u dismiss God's Biblical truth. God'll give u whats in ur heart-dismiss Jesus, He'll harden ur hateful heart. In diff perversions LDS/JWs/Cc&others do the same.

    Koran denies Jesus is God's Son/died on a cross(only perfect sacrifice 4 our sins=Only Jesus can 4give sins)/rose from the dead(some muslims call Him Messiah but deny His Deity). Israel's God is real/allah isnt-Sons of God r thru Isaac not Ishmael. Allah is generic word 4 God mostly used by Izscam-Satan uses word submission 2 fool ppl who dont know real Jesus(why ppl r confused-PBUH may seem 2 add respect/Izscam claims Bible proves islam but the Bible's corrupt is all nonsense.

    Koran science claims r already in the Bible/seen w/o koram/2 vague/science cant prove claim. All men can hate under any title but Quran verses allow violent ppl more excuses 2 kill ppl seen as opposing/insulting its beliefs. Muslims/others try 2 live by God's Law-punishment=death. NO1 CAN LIVE W/O breaking God's eternal Law=sin(why we need real Jesus who died 4 our sins).

    LDS claims they r restoration of the truth-the BoM is"another testament" but the Bible clearly states ur not 2 go beyond whats written=all LDS claims r false.

    Only 1 God can occupy infinity-God of Israel(so no other legit gods exist)-only fully proved b/c Jesus is God's Son/He wasnt talking out 2 nor 1000s of sides of His mouth=no confusion-Qorap distorts Bible truth.

    Jesus is the only way 2 salvation(=on an personal level)not Islam(God didnt send Muharmud/J Smith-no NEW prophets after Jesus who cancels need 4 new-teaching prophets). Izscam/lsd cant lead u 2 God(only clear 2 1 who knows real Jesus). False teaching/prophets cancel all they claim. When u dont know Jesus, accepting His death/resurrection & true position/Biblical teachings, result is false teachings=kills u/offspring. Many ways "SEEM" right but its end=death(cant worship in both truth/error).

    In history only Jesus said He's the way/truth/life=u cant know God w/o Him(///)-whole truth was complete in Jesus or God doesn't know what He's doing=cant b God. U hv full truth(sets u free)or its all lies=theres no real truth. If Jesus is whom He says He is all NEW teaching/other beliefs/from self-proclaimed prophets/teachers r false/godless or He's 1 more false teacher 2 ignore.

    Jesus couldnt hv done whats in NT w/o fully knowing whole OT(impossible w/o God/NT didnt exist yet/Apostles couldnt write NT w/o Jesus having them remember all He did-).

    Jesus' resurrection defeated evil/sin or no1'd b saved. Jesus ate food 2 reassure disciples theres a connection btwn a Spirit/physical life. If Jesus didnt resurrect/fulfill OT Law all r wasting their time-no human can live w/o breaking God's OT Law=death then eternal Hell.


    Source(s): God doesnt compromise eternal truth-if u do it cancels u getting in2 Heaven(Jesus came with sword of division). If 2day u find orig Quran, proved 2 b a perfect copy of 2day's Qurap it wouldnt b anymore true than 1rst official text=not worth paper its written on. What Jesus taught came from OT-NT explains OT truth-whole truth was from start the same-emphasis on not going beyond whats written()-whole truth is complete within its pages-Both God/Jesus never change no matter what languages its translated 2. Why would a man born of human man&woman b allowed 2 replace/hold higher status than 1 born of God which korap admits about Muharmud vs Jesus? God's truth is 4ever unchanged while man's religions/gods die with him. Why should God want u 2 live with Him 4ever if u dont want 2 know Him His way?
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    They have the same amount as me.

    The problem is I'm not as socially skilled as them. they've been able to fool people because of their talents, the situation they were living in, but I just can't.

    I mean it seriously, I've started to write my own version of a holy book in which I bring enough evidence that I'm a prophet and I'm sent by God and every person from every religion has to bey me or they'll die or go to hell. And like all the other religions, I'll fill it with beautiful stories about morality that makes people think " Wow, this guy must be right" and then I'll try to scare the living crap out of them to make people think " What if he is right? " , and then when I have enough followers, I claim Me and My followers must have special rights because of freedom of religion.

    And just because I'm a cool guy, I can write it without the flaws Bible and Quran have, I'll give people freedom to watch porn, won't let husbands to beat their wives unlike Quran, I'll allow homosexuality, and will stop people from going on wars and will condemn martyrdom, and will order rich guys to take care of poor kids in Africa, and will also approve Evolution and advertise it as the way god created things. I also can write it in a really tongue-in-cheek way that everybody easily understand it, unlike other books who are not user-friendly.

    Why shouldn't people believe in me? I will even write in my book that I'm close friends with Moses, Jesus, Mohammad and they also approve my message.

    I mean people have to buy it, because I say so! Isn't it the textbook definition of religion? Just accepting things written by people without doubting?

    Why shouldn't people start submitting to my religion?

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    Character of Muhammad(pbuh):

    1.Even the unbelievers agree that he never told a lie.

    God's Messenger was known as a truthful person even before Islam. The Makkans, even the unbelievers, called him al-Amin, the Trustworthy One, the Truthful. Even his enemies did not accuse him of lying after he proclaimed his Prophethood. After the Treaty of Hudaybiya (6 AH), God's Messenger sent letters to the rulers of neighboring countries. The Emperor of Byzantium received it in Syria at a time when a Makkan trade caravan headed by Abu Sufyan was in the area of Damascus. The Emperor summoned him, and the following conversation took place:

    — Do the elite or the weak mostly follow him?

    — The elite.

    — Has anyone apostatized after converting?

    — Not yet.

    — Do his followers increase or decrease?

    — They increase daily.

    — Have you ever heard him tell a lie?

    — No, never.

    Struck by Abu Sufyan's answers, at that time the bitterest enemy of Islam, the Emperor acknowledged Muhammad's position: "It is inconceivable for one who has never told a lie during his whole life to invent lies against God." [2] The Emperor was right. Why would a believer who had never told a lie, even in jest, suddenly begin to lie, especially against God, when he is 40 years old and getting closer to the grave?

    2.Muhammad(pbuh) was loved by all the people of mecca.

    After he announced his prophethood people of mecca hated him so much that they wanted to kill him.

    But He remained firm on his words.He never manipulated his message.His message remained the same.

    Isn't this enough to prove that he is a prophet?

    3.Even after becoming a king,he never lived a kingly life.

    "three consecutive days would not go by without the family of Muhammad not eating their fill." [Recorded in al-Bukhari]

    Even in the poorest of countries, government leaders live a life of affluence, even when they manifest a superior degree of integrity and do not use their positions to make unfair advantage.

    @asker:So you were living at the time of the Prophet?

    how old are you?

    More than 1400years

    People loved him before he was a prophet and even before he was a king

    So your argument is invalid.(Read it again)

    I thought you must be knowing something about him that's why you posted question about him.

    But you don't know anything.

    Edit:The point I want to make is that if he was false prophet he would demand for money.

    The Arabs offered him money,property and everything he wanted but he never manipulated his message.

    Everything in Islam is authentic.Not like the Bible.

    The Bible's own theologians and historians openly admit and declare that the Bible's books and texts had all been:

    Written by mysterious men.

    Written by an unknown number of men.

    Written in unknown places.

    Written in unknown dates.

    @asker:I invite you to learn about him not from the Islamic sources but from non-islamic historians:

    Youtube thumbnail

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    i do no longer worship Joseph Smith. I worship Jesus Christ in straightforward words. God has had prophets on earth because the initiating of time. and definitely that is sensible that we've them now.

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    Keep going, or how legit is any author of a book you can't personally see.

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    Only the teachings of L Ron Hubbard can show us the way! Send them your money now!

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    Muslems crack skulls and burn your house down! Mormans just take half of everyting you own

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    None! Everyone has only "scriptures" as proof! So they are all the same....Ultimately GOD DO NOT HAVE ANY RELIGION!!!


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    Neither of them have a real claim.

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    And while we're on the subject, what legitimacy did Jesus have either? Or Moses, etc.

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    Never thought about it....


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