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horse showing clothes?

i don't mean like proper showing, I mean like showjumping&cross country&dressage:)

Im 14 and wondering what clothes you have to wear to shows^

Do under 16's have to wear jodhpur boots or can they wear long boots? black and brown?

I'm in the UK:)


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    Show jumping - a properly fitted helmet with harness with a silk to match your jacket. A hair net if you are a girl with long hair. A blue, black or green or other coloured jacket except red (aka hunting pink!), white or beige jodphurs, long or short boots as you wish and gloves.

    Cross country - a properly fitted helmet with harness. A sweat shirt with long sleeves. An armband containing your medical history and horse's medical history including medications and allergies - you can get these at tack shops. A body protector, jodphurs, long or short boots, does not matter, and gloves.

    Dressage at lower levels, same as show jumping, but preferably blue or black jacket. The horse should be ridden in a snaffle bit, a cavesson, or a dropped nose band or flash, but not grackle and a general purpose saddle is fine for all of the above.

    To keep the costs down black boots go with any other colour and long ones are better than short.

    Source(s): Riding instructor
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    You mean eventing.

    Showjumping - either a navy show jacket or tweed, cream or white jodhpurs, gloves, boots

    Dressage - as above (If you do any PC eventing, they like tweed, I've noticed and like you to wear jockey skulls in all phases), white gloves, boots

    XC - Your own personal XC colours, cream or white jodhpurs, jockey skull, gloves, boots

    Under 16's in ANY discipline must wear jodhpur boots with jodhpur clips. As soon as you hit 16, you can wear long boots. In showing, it's brown jodhpur boots with matching jodhpur clips and black long boots are best - brown tend to be frowned upon in the ring (not nearly as much as black tack is)

  • Anonymous
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    Don't embarrass yourself by wearing a red jacket at your first event. Black, gray, navy, or olive work just fine.

    Basically everything else that the other answered mentioned. Pick a color theme for XC. I don't know about the UK, but here in America all the young kids I know wear tall boots unless on the hunter circuit... So tall boots should be fine unless you're like nine. (:

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    Showjumping: Red, black or navy blue jacket with a white, blue or pink shirt underneath show shirt, tall boots, paddock or field, show gloves leather black, white or tan breeches, you may need a rat-catcher or just a pin for your collar shirt.

    Cross Country: Really anything you want color wise, shirt does not really matter depends on the weather, breeches, tall boots. Like if you were going for a hack.

    Dressage: Black dressage jacket, show shirt- white, ratcatcher, black show gloves, white breeches though in lower level beige or tan is fine.

    Source(s): Experience in riding over 10= years
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    for show jumping: Navy, black, olive, coat, white show shirt one with the mandarin collar. tan or white breeches, black or brown tall boots,

    cross country: polo shirt usually what ever color you want, body protector, tan breeches, and black or brown tall boots, and a corpse identifier (my old trainer her husband use to call the emergency medical arm bands, corpse identifiers. you can usually find them online or in a tack shop)

    dressage: black or navy coat, white or tan breeches, stock tie, stock pin, and either a top hat or helmet, depending on what show you are showing with, or what level you are showing at. and usually in the US, i'm not sure in the UK little kids 10 and under can wear jodhpur boots but every body else has to wear tall boots, i'd go with black i think they look better. hope this helps ♥

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