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40 days since my last period, negative tests?

My last period was on Dec.18,2011. Its been exactly 40 days and still no period. I tested on Sunday, Tuesday and this morning and they all was negative! What is going on???

I was pregnant last year around this month, i tested a couple of days before my missed period and it was positive. I tested again a few days later and it was still positive. Gave birth in October with a beautiful baby girl. Got my period back in November then Decemeber but no period this month.

So anyway, if i am pregnant, why is it not detecting it on the pregnancy test? I used the first reponse 6 days sooner. I do feel very fatique. No nausea or vomitting or whatever. And have bad cramps and feel very bloated. And lots of discharge. Please help! (Im seeing my doctor on Tuesday)

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    may be because you are anemea!if you are anemea you will not get your period!

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