Final Ceramics project ideas?

So the project has to incorporate 3 different elements other than the clay itself. So for example my friend is doing a mini water fountain pond with bamboo and rocks around it. Have any ideas?

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    9 years ago
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    I live to use glass in the bottom of my can crush colored glass with a hammer or use glass jewelry beads...just be sure they wont leak all over the kiln when liquid. Glass melts at around 1400 and does well in cone 10 oxidation and even some reduction firing.

    You can Create holes in your piece ans wrap wire or leather or shoe strings through them.

    You can fire the piece with carbon nails in it.

    You can mix iron filings into the clay.

    You can use a pump at add water features

    You can finish surface with enamels or with waxes..

    Tons of choices.

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