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Best dirty talk that has been said to you?

I'm just curious about how dirty and sexy it can be. Haha don't be scared to go full vulgar and shiet. I just wanna know like the best dirty talk that has been said haha

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    Once we were in the movies standing in line about to get some food and my boyfriend said he was hungry and then he whispered in my ear .. "the only thing I've had to eat all day is your pu***" which was true. Lol.

    Come to think about it he's always saying things about my vage and how sweet. It is and comparing it to icecream and just thing like that. It keeps our relationship spicy. I can never wait to jump his bones and it makes me feel.. sexy.

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    True text from my gf: Awww, my red haired pu**sy needs some lovin.

    ME: Oh mannnn, I wish I could be there. I'm workin tho, baby.

    GF: Dude, I'm serious, 4real! My Pu**sy is getting wetter and wetter and it needs you in there and my hard pink nipples need your tounge on them.

    ME: OMG, u r soooo fckn hot! I wish I cd be there. Ur making me soooo hard. Gotta work, tho u knw I cant leave!

    GF: Soaking wet red pu**sy needs u now! Hurry. Soooo warm and wet.

    ME; Just told the boss I have an emergency and have to go. If only I could stand up!! LOL. Don't move. Be there in 5 minutes sexxxy girrrrrl!

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    Nvm i told you a joke instead

    One day a white man and a black man was standing at the urinner the white man turned his head to looked at the black mans d**k

    White:How did it get so long

    Black:Just go in slowly and take out fast

    White man go home and try it on his wife

    White:How do you think

    Wife:You f**k like a black man

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    Give me that HUGE c***, TAKE CONTROL, do what you want with me.... MY GOD I can feel every inch of you, Give it to me....OMG all they way out and then ALL the way are filling me up.....MY god you are so big....*** inside me, give me that big load....OMG OMG OMG!!!!.....well that was fun!!!

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