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What if a girl takes creatine?

I'm 5 feet tall and weigh 96lbs but i want to get toned.. i also dont want to lose my boobs or butt because well i'm pretty confident in them.. (: so what if i took creatine?

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    Creatine being a steroid will cause you to gain muscle. This will affect your butt and boobs as they will become more "muscly" which may or may not be what you want. You will also get the side effects such as being drowsy and angry.

  • Levi B
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    Creatine will give you more energy. Your muscles use ATP(a chain reaction with 3 phosphate) That chain looses a phosphate when the explosion accures and creatine puts a phosphate back into the chain so it can explode again. Your naturally at 85% capacity creatine wise, your liver makes it and you get some from meats. Taking creatine will put you into the 95-100 percent capacity range, giving you more chain reactions and fast recovery for more lifting time at the gym.

    This can help you get toned, id try it out. You must stay hydrated all week long for best results. gl, i've been on it for 10 days now and im getting huge. Ppl at work are telling me my clothes are getting small. but but but you don't have to grow just cus ur taking it, not if your doing light weight and running a lot. Im just doing bodybuilding workouts

  • joe714
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    creatine is an amino acid that delays lactic acid buildup in the body when working out.

    so creatine is only ideal if you do exercises that cause quick lactic acid buildup like sprinting and high repetition lifting.

    otherwise it's pretty much a waste of money.

    also, cheap creatine can have too much sodium in it an cause you to retain water.

    if you buy creatine it's best to buy pharmaceutical grade creatine so you don't have negative side effects too.

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