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When running for two hours do you burn above the daily 2000 intake for male and female?

Running for 2 hours burns 1250 calories. Does this add on to you BMR 2000 calories intake to make 3250 calories burnt per day?

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    Running for two hours can burn different amounts of calories, it is the distance not the time that counts.

    Your running speed determines the distance and the total calories used.

    Your exercise whatever that is, is added to your normal metabolic rate, so your idea is correct,it is the amount used while running that is not correct.

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    Do you know what a BMR is? You have to look yours up based on age, gender and weight. Even so, what you look up is only an estimate. Your body fat% also has something to do with your BMR. So, for example, my BMR is estimated to be 1460. If I run 3 miles, that means I burn 1760, but hold up, I walk to and from the gym so that brings me up to 2160. If I sit around for so many hours, it's about 74 calories per hour on my butt over my back. I'm in the process of trying to figure out if my metabolism is actually faster or slower than the estimate by logging what I eat and when I work out and how much I work out and such. I will estimate how much I'm supposed to lose and see how much I really lose.

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    Increasing your activity burns calories how much depends on your metabolism and the work out

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