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Can anyone identify this bird of prey?

I have a photograph of a raptor (bird of prey) that I find really beautiful and I've been trying to find the name or some information on the bird but I just can't! Here is the photograph:

If anyone has any information at all that would help me find out what kind of bird this is I would greatly appreciate it - thanks!

Here's another photograph of it:

And another:

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    Your links don't appear to work. Sorry I can't be of any help

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    That obviously will not be a pink tail they've a white bellie and a reddish tail, to large to be a merlin and unsuitable discipline, i have looked for a at the same time can not find some thing that resembles that thing, sure is a attractive bird,now you received me wondering, there are extraordinary varieties of harriers that kinda appear find it irresistible nevertheless it has a amazing watching head and beak that separates it from most predatory birds, and it seems to be in a in part wooded to discipline subject so it discounts it being a osprey or eagle (fish eater) i'll maintain watching and publish if i find it, sorry i failed to help much, would like to no myself now, thanks for posting the cool video.

  • 9 years ago

    links still don't have some pretty pictures on your website though

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