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Is there any way you can get photos off facebook and get proper quality photos?

I need some photos off facebook for a photo album. I don't want them on just normal paper, and I haven't got any shiny proper photo printing paper. Is there anyway I can take the photos into "Boots" or somewhere like that to get my photos printed off properly?

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    You can get photos printed, but you'll need to contact someone with the original files and get them to send those to you. Once it gets posted to the internet the resolution is no longer suitable for printing photos (you can sometimes get away with it for drawings or other simple graphics).

    To have good- or even Ok- quality you have to have a file at a resolution of at least 150ppi, 300 is better, really nice photo quality is 600-1200ppi.

    Images online are almost never over 72ppi, even if an image is submitted to a site at a higher resolution it will be re-sized- even if a site has the ability to display at a higher resolution (which most do not) there is no reason to display at over 72 as the image quality isn't all that much better to the person looking at the screen.

    Taking a low quality image and changing the resolution will not make it clear, it will just make it have more pixels. It's pretty much the same thing as taking a tiny thumbnail image and setting it as your desktop background, the information to make it clear at a large size (or higher resolution) doesn't exist any more in that file so you can't ever get it to look the way it did in the beginning.

    There isn't any program in the world that can take a low resolution image and make it suitable for printing as a photo, so no matter where you take it you won't be able to get what you want.

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    No. The point of posting low resolution shots is to discourage the kind of theft that you are contemplating. Every photo is owned by someone. It is not legal to use it without their permission. That's the purpose of copyrights. If you want to use the photo, contact the owner and ask for a higher resolution shot. You might get lucky and they'll give it to you along with the license to use it. Or they may ask you to pay for it.

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    Its no longer possibly approximately being lovable or no longer.... some human beings merely arent photogenic... yet dont rigidity too lots, merely breath and practice taking a great number of photos, in diverse poses and diverse angles so as which you get to be conscious of your face and the poses or angles that look ultimate on you... So take 50 photos with a grin, attempt smiling for the heck of it, attempt asserting cheese together as smiling, attempt giggling, attempt remembering something humorous...etc... and take 50 photos or one hundred... take them from the left, from the nicely suited, from the extra suitable left, extra suitable nicely suited, from the front, precise and backside... (I preffer precise photos, they slender down your face lots) Then, once you're end, attempt to no longer smile, and practice yet another one hundred situations in all those techniques you tried... then substitute and attempt appropriate, then advise, then mad, then stupid... etc.... you will locate the appropriate image... and you may even become photogenic in spite of each and every thing and get to tutor off how lovable you're =D

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    Not really. Photos uploaded to FB have pretty crummy resolution once they're up so they're not great quality. Anything saved from FB is going to look pretty terrible once they are printed out as anything but possibly a wallet size.

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