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Does Disney world have own power plant?

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    WDW Generates some of it's own energy.

    Disney has the right to build a fischer energy place on site as part of it's agreemeent with Florida condition / Fruit County as the Reedy Stream Improment District. However this is a conventional place.

    Plant Description

    Reedy Stream Co-Generation Ability is managed by Wally Walt disney Community Organization. The co-generation facility has a combined cycle energy place, air converters, and a refrigerator place. The refrigerator place was designed in 1969 and has been expanded several times since and the energy place was designed in 1989. The energy place consists of a Common Electrical gas turbine, a warm restoration water turbine, and an Elliott water turbine. The place creates an average of 39 megawatts.

    The gas turbine is use is a Common Electrical LM5000. The gas turbine is able of losing normal gas and #2 petrol oil. A water injection program is used in the fuels to reduce the NOx pollutants. The fatigue gas temperature is normally between 780 levels F and 820 levels F. and is fatigued into the warm restoration water turbine.

    The warm restoration water turbine (HRSG) was designed by the Mom Vogt Machine Organization, and it is supplementally shot. It is able of losing normal gas and #2 petrol oil. When the HRSG is second shot, the gas conditions range between 1100 levels F and 1200 levels F. The HRSG makes a maximum of 110,000 lb./hr of water, superheated to 600 levels F and at 600 PSIG. The superheated water is used to turn a water turbine.

    The water turbine was produced by the Elliott Organization. The water turbine is a condensing multi-stage, multi-valve reduce valves and has multi-valve removal control. The removal water demand varies between 160 PSIG and 300 PSIG. The water turbine is connected to an creator by use of a reduction gear.

    The normal gas that is purchased for consumption is brokered from different normal gas companies all over the South. The normal gas demand is increased from 250 PSIG to 450 PSIG before is can be burned in the gas turbine. The place has two 100% capacity gas converters to accomplish this. The normal gas demand has to be reduced to 35 PSIG before it can be consumed in the HRSG.

    The make up of water used in the co-generation place comes from a series of wells all over the Wally disney property or home. The waste water is all released into the sewage program and is treated in one of Disney's re-cycled water treatment plants. The re-cycled water is used for cleansing all over Wally disney property or home.

    Presently under structure at the co-generation facility is a 5,000,000 quart cold water storage container. The cold water will leave the container at conditions between 40 levels F and 44 levels F. The cold water will be used to cool the air before it goes into the gas turbine and for air-conditioning throughout the Wally Walt disney Community Resort. This project will increase the plant's megawatt result by 12% (5 MW).

    The Reedy Stream Co-Generation Ability is a very new and state-of-the-art . This facility will be around for many more years to come because no corners were cut during the structure and all of the place employees are well educated in the co-generation field.

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    They have their own cities.

    They have their own district, the Reedy Creek Improvement District with two cities inside it, the City of Bay Lake and the City of Reedy Creek (now the City of Lake Buena Vista). "In addition to the standard powers of an incorporated city, which include the issuance of tax-free bonds, the district would have immunity from any current or future county or state land-use laws. The only areas where the district had to submit to the county and state would be property taxes and elevator inspections"

    Since they own the whole city, they own everything in it, including the power generating plants.

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